Customized solutions in equipment for your aggregates beneficiation plant and mining operations

Athox specializes in the development and manufacturing of machines of all sizes and provides crushing services for the mining, quarrying, steel, cement, limestone, sand extraction, construction, and demolition waste recycling sectors, among others.
Engineering Consulting
Assessment of your company's technical needs and development of equipment tailored to meet the established production requirements at the operational site.
Assembly, Installation, and Maintenance Services
Essential for the proper performance of a plant, these services should be included in the operations plan for quarries and mining companies.
Equipment Refurbishment
Athox can provide partial repairs or complete refurbishment of machine structures.
Equipment Rental
Rental of standard or customized equipment.
Huckbolts® Services
Services provision for the application of fastening solutions using the Huckbolts® system.


We offer a wide range of crushing equipment that supply for the entire production chain in ore beneficiation.


Efficient in material processing, Athox's line of crushers operates with productivity in raw materials, leaving them in ideal condition for beneficiation and to be used in various sectors.


Athox screens are employed in various stages of the production process. Made to classify and separate materials with different particle sizes, they are efficient in separating raw materials and selecting finished products.

Feeders / Chutes

They transport bulk materials from one point to another along the production line. Feeders and Chutes are responsible for ensuring a continuous flow of raw materials to the processing equipment.

Mobile Units

Athox crushing and screening equipment are mounted on wheels or tracks, allowing easy movement through different areas of mines or quarries. They are ideal for operations in remote or hard-to-reach locations.


The equipment is used to transport bulk materials through different areas of mines or quarries. These conveyors are essential for ensuring efficiency and safety in the logistical and production processes.

Complete Plant

The crushing and screening equipment sets manufactured by Athox are designed to meet the specific needs of the sites where they operate. The plants include crushers, screens, feeders/chutes, and conveyors capable of processing large volumes of material in an efficient and reliable way.
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The ideal solution for equipment, parts, and services for ore beneficiation and aggregates

Quarries and mining companies have high standards when it comes to choosing equipment and installing ore beneficiation and aggregates processing plants. That’s why Athox Mining Solutions manufactures equipment and develops tailor-made solutions customized for the real needs of your operation. The company excels in manufacturing high-quality crushers and re-crushers, as well as crushing plants and screens capable of ensuring excellent classification.

Since 2012, with nationwide service in Brazil, the company has been manufacturing equipment, developing projects, conducting studies to improve crushing, grinding, transportation, screening, and also optimizing processes. In 2022, Athox expanded its business to include the North American market, also exporting its production.

Here you will find all the equipment needed to assemble and complement your crushing plant, as well as customized engineering solutions for your business.
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